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The Field of Plenty by Luke Beling

The Field of Plenty by Luke Beling

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A winner on the football gridiron and beyond.” Paul Volponi, multi-award-winning author of The Final Four

Mitchell Baker’s meteoric rise as a star punter and field-goal kicker stunned everyone—except his father, Ken. Ken meticulously groomed Mitch into the athletic sensation he became. But just as Mitch’s career peaks, tragedy strikes: he loses the most crucial game of his high school career, and shortly after his father dies. Struggling to cope, Mitch falls into a pill addiction and reconnects with Uncle Paul, a mysterious family friend and self-proclaimed miracle worker.

Unraveling a web of deceit spun by Uncle Paul and his late father, Mitch confronts the painful truths about his past. He’s thrust into a dilemma—questioning the very foundation of his upbringing. In this turbulent journey, Mitch faces off against his rival Teddy Jones and finds an unlikely ally in the troubled yet captivating Bianca Black.

Confronted with the raw realities of his own broken self-identity, Mitch navigates the chaos of loss both on and off the field, and he must determine what’s real … and what’s worth fighting for. 


Pub date: 22-Oct-2024

Page count: 264

ISBN: 978-3-98832-089-6

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