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Laughing in Her Sleep by Alycia and Jon Vreeland

Laughing in Her Sleep by Alycia and Jon Vreeland

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★★★★★ “Jon passed and yet, here are his words, his heart still beating.” Jack Grisham, Author Director Musician  

This collection of poetry is the love child of two creative minds.

Jon Vreeland, the author of The Taste of Cigarettes, was a self-proclaimed reincarnation of Hemingway and highly influenced by Bukowski's crude humor and womanizing grit. He claimed writing poetry gave his brain a respite from his struggle with drug addiction. 

Alycia Vreeland's illustrations and photos are a visual representation of Jon's words.

The manuscript of this book was discovered and resurrected by Alycia Vreeland, Jon Vreeland's wife, after Jon's unexpected death on September 15, 2020.


Publication date: 15-Sept-2024

Pages: 158

ISBN: 978-3-98832-079-7

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