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Baby Darlin' by Alycia Vreeland

Baby Darlin' by Alycia Vreeland

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★★★★★ “Raw and emotionally fraught.” Leslie Zemeckis, bestselling author of Feuding Fan Dancers  

Most of them are dead.

Silence is broken and the secret unearthed.

Surviving the Cajun Curse, her mentally ill momma calls her, Baby Darlin'. Pig calls her Brillo and takes away her innocence by using her to escape his own twisted mind. Her cousin Willy, calls her Snaggle but she doesn't care, she thinks they will marry someday. Her Papa, a recovered alcoholic, her hero. Her Grandma, the ever present Shamer, is a dark shadow to remind her of her worth. Her drug & love addiction takes her through a series of abusive love stories and finally she proudly escapes into the loving arms of a higher power.

This illustrated memoir brutally rips off the bandaid and exposes the stigma around child sexual abuse, with compassion and insight through the eyes of a brave little girl, Baby Darlin'.


Publication date: 15-Sept-2024

Pages: 188

ISBN: 978-3-98832-120-6

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